All for the performance, the performance for all!

One of our biggest advantages is that we handle digital platforms together based on a well overthought online strategy serving various goals: sell more products, get more eyes on a brand/site/campaign or simply raise activation rates. We have created a multiple digital platform strategy for Fressnapf Hungary combinig the following platforms effectively in order to increase the number of website visitors by more than 30% in 2014.

Services & Platforms

Strategy planning

We figured out precisely what kind of platforms, tools and engaging plans we have to use and when we have to launch our different campaign solutions.

Social platform management

Daily Facebook and fresh Youtube video contents mix experience, cuteness and also the useful and entertaining factors perfectly.

Fress content on the website

Regularly added content about how to give the best for your pets.

Application development

Facebook games to give the best game experience and also enable the user to get discount priced products.

Ads Management

Ready? Set? Go! Or if we have to say more: we are ready to set the target audience and constantly observe and optimize our actual ad campaign.


The more you see the brand the more you will like it. It is as simple as that and we do our best to keep the brand visible in an organic and paid way as well.