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SEO for Natural Cosmetics company

Ilcsi is a well known Hungarian company with an international business worldwide. It has been awarded the Superbrands award 8x already and chose Brandlift to revamp its main website’s search engine optimization. The main purpose of the website is to showcase all Ilcsi products, inform the general public about the company and efficiently serve the sales partners of the Ilcsi network.

organic visit growth

Top 3 Google organic ranking for products


A significant change was noticable on the market of natural cosmetics products, as a lot of traffic has gone from offline to online. Major competitors and new entrants have all been successfully reaping the benefits of online marketing and sales, and Ilcsi needed to compete more efficiently with them. Ilcsi wanted to maximise organic website visitor traffic with the help of search engine optimization.



Brandlift carried out a complete on-site SEO audit, including keyword search research, which included major competitors as well. Google indexing efficiency errors were corrected and large volume content were also optimized (manually or through the intro of a macro-system). The content focus of the site has been pushed from the more general „cosmetics” towards a „natural cosmetics” focus, which was also in line with marketing communication and SEO targets. Brandlift was also tasked with training Ilcsi’s marketing team with SEO related topics which are necessary to keep on top of, in order to succeed with the long-term organic success of the site.



YoY data show a 34% increase in organic growth after 6 months. Almost all category keywords and product names show a significant growth, with some of them always appearing in the top 3 Google organic rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs works on multiple online projects with Brandlift, and Brandlift supports the company with not only SEO, but also social media marketing solutions.

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