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SEO for Pet Accessories Company

Fressnapf is the leading retail chain for pet accessories and pet food. It’s main website ( serves customers with information related to products, promotions and store related questions. Recent competitors and retail habits moving towards online information gathering (of customers) made Fressnapf rethink its online strategy.

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Offline stores need a healthy boost from online customers, who search for their favourite pet’s accessories and food. Online customers can also view/write/ask questions from the Fressnapf Vet, inform about promotions, have a look at Fressnapf’s magazine and view a special map for pet owners (with all relevant addresses included).Offline revenues can be boosted by adequate online presence, even if no online sales are currently available through the above means. Most important keyword positions were in low rank positions in natural search engine results pages (dog food, dog store, pet food, etc.) within rankings.



A complete on-site SEO audit was carried out which covered all major competitors.

As part of the keyword audit, Google indexing efficiency errors were identified and corrected; content was optimized through an adequate macro-rule, to aid the large volume product numbers found on

The Fressnapf team was also trained in SEO management, connecting the social media, PR and key on-site SEO elements of the business.



All of the identified and defined keywords (dog food, dog store, cat litter, etc.) now come up in the top 5 search engine results – some of these keywords were not even found in the top 80 results before the project began. Most long-tail keywords relating to specific product names are also coming up on top of searches.

The latest quarter YoY data analysis shows a 25% organic growth in number of visitors – a result of the close collaboration with the Fressnapf team. This figure is likely to improve in the future. Another important result is the fact that the frequency of appearances in Search Engine Results Pages (on has increased 5x on average, which equates to a multiplication of organic reach on a daily basis for Fressnapf.

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